On a budget

There are dozens of ways to cut down on cost with simple DIY projects for your wedding day.
Here are some ideas I’ve seen:

– A cute idea for center pieces is to collect tin cans and glue different lace or ribbon around the middle. Once I saw a wedding that had tin cans and collected old books on each table to give a vintage vibe. Another version of this would be to take different types/size jam jars and pit candles and/or flowers in them for table toppers

– A Pacific Northwest couple who were trying to keep costs and their carbon footprint low asked (certain) guests to bring a pie for the dessert table

– According to The Wedding Association of America, an average of about $2,000 is spent on wedding flowers. Now, that’s a lot of money. A cheaper alternative would be to buy flowers from the local farmers market day of, then delegate someone to create bouquets and/or center pieces.

– Instead of buying new shoes or accessories for the big day, borrow or wear what you already have

– The wedding veil can cost up to several hundred dollars alone. If you know someone crafty enough or is willing to create one for cheap, this could cut down some costs.

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