Kate and William: what to expect

The details are all set. The cake has been ordered, the venue is set, invitations have obviously been sent and the world is anxiously waiting for Friday morning to roll around.

However one question remains: What will Kate wear?

For ages audiences have eagerly awaited to see what dress the bride will wear on her wedding day. Now imagine having to pick out a gown knowing the entire world will see what you wear on your big day.

Royal Weddings are all about pomp and circumstance. We expect everything to be big an elegant, including the dresses.

Elizabeth II

queen elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding in 1947. WWII had only been over for a few years, but citizens were still healing from the devastation. A Royal Wedding was the light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone expected Princess Elizabeth to walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey in something flamboyant. However, Elizabeth required ration coupons to buy the material from her gown. She wanted to show that she was a people person, not a royal who was high and mighty above them all. Her dress stayed simple but still elaborate (I mean, she still is royal).

The next big thing

Every royal gown since Queen Elizabeth’s has been over the top and elaborate. Not to say her’s wasn’t, everything just got bigger after hers. Thousands of hand sewn pearls, a team of seamstresses and hundreds of feet of fabric, the list goes on.
When Charles and Diana wed it was seen the wedding of the century. She was the people’s princess and everyone loved her; and when she had Prince William and Prince Harry everyone fell in love with her little Princes.

Now it’s time for the next biggest wedding of the century. It’s not only the excitement to see one of Diana’s Princes but the future King of England’s wedding to the future Queen of England.

It’s a big deal.

A Royal Wedding needs to be different than every other wedding; it will be fabulous and will be seen by the world.

It will be a fairytale. What can be more romantic than a Prince getting married, it’s what dreams are made of.

Kate Middleton

Her dress has been kept under lock and key while the world waits on baited breath to see what she will wear when she walks down the aisle. Recently rumors have said Kate designed her own dress and that designer Sophie Cranston would create her fairytale wedding dress.

One of Sophie Cranston’s designs.

An interview from Vogue magazine with Sophie:

“A dress you can hand down from generation to generation that never dates. This is a sign of a true classic,” Cranston – who is remaining tight-lipped about whether or not she is the royal wedding designer. “I tend to take shapes that I feel are beautiful and flattering. The maxi dresses and the A-line trapeze style dresses have been a big seller for this season.”

My prediction
Based on Kate Middleton’s style, I wouldn’t be surprised if she stepped out in a dress that wasn’t a ball gown. Kate’s style is simple, elegant and chic. She will walk down in the aisle in something modest (thanks to the Queen) with a grand Royal flare. Big jewelry?
I don’t expect anything nearly as big as Diana’s dress, however some other small tribute like using similar fabric will probably be involved.

An a-line dress silhouette and the neckline will be anything but sweetheart and strapless.


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