Kate and William: you look beautiful

Prince William told his bride that she looked beautiful as she walked towards the altar today, according to a lipreader.
“You look stunning, babe,” he told Kate Middleton, as she walked towards him in her Alexander McQueen dress.
“Yes, it looks fantastic, it’s beautiful,” he added, according to Ruth Press, who has been deaf since birth and works as a forensic lipreader.
Prince William also cracked a joke to his father-in-law at the altar before the royal wedding ceremony, saying: “We’re supposed to have just a small family affair”.
The joke by William to Michael Middleton in Westminster Abbey was spotted by Tina Lannin, lipreader for O’Malley Communications.
She also spotted Prince Harry nervously comment ”Right, she is here now”, as Miss Middleton arrived at the abbey.
Ms Lannin, who has been deaf all her life, relies on lipreading to communicate and can lipread in Arabic, Spanish, German and Japanese, as well as English. She is also a forensic lipreader, reading CCTV and other media where sound is absent..
Miss Middleton was determined to surprise Prince William with her dress as she walked down the aisle, going to great lengths to ensure that it remained a surprise on the day.
As she left the Goring Hotel shortly before the ceremony, a tent hid her from the crowds, to maintain the surprise.

– Telegraph


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