School theme

Truman Cho knew there was something he liked about Minhee Park, his classmate at Laguna Road Elementary School in Fullerton, California. The two stayed friends throughout high school and college but it was not until 1997 (14 years after they first met) that Truman asked Minhee out on a date.

The Invitation

Wedding party

Seating card table


Vintage lunch trays were for guest to collect their dinner cafeteria-style. The wooden utensils were hot-stamped with the couple’s names, and paper napkins were rubber stamped with the date.


On the tables were pop quizzes about the couple for guests to fill out and deposit in drop boxes covered in paper. Minhee and Truman mailed the graded quizzes after the wedding with their thank-you notes….I am in love with this idea!

Guest book

Guests wrote on the blackboard and took a picture for the guest book and one to take home as well


I love the little daisies on the cake. cute and simple.

Just like elementary school


Custom school supplies



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