Thank you cards

I think it’s so cute when couples take a thank you card picture the day of the wedding.
Here’s some helpful advice I found about writing mass thank you cards and thought it would be useful to share.

  • If you are given a generous check or cash:
    Instead of thanking your loved ones for that five hundred dollars. You can write thank you for your generosity or your kindness is much appreciated. You can also share with your giver how you plan to use your recent windfall. Something like … with your help we will be able to purchase our new home, flat screen tv or a trip to Hawaii.
  • If you are given something of your registry or a gift in general:
    Start off by mentioning the gift. For instance, Thank you for the tangerine KitchenAid and let them know what you plan to use it for. We already baked our first batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies and they were delicious.
  • Finally sign it off with a nice thank you again and wrap it up with love and sincerity. Your loved ones will appreciate your little note



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