Get Hitched, Give Hope

I am so excited and honored to attend this amazing event on Thursday night. Get Hitched, Give Hope is a non-profit organization that organizes a yearly celebration for brides to bet on wedding goods, where all donations go a selected charity. This year the event will benefit The Dream Foundation and hope to raise $75,000 to grant wishes for terminally-ill patients and their families. So far donations have sent families to Hawaii, Key West and Disney World for one last family vacation.

About The Dream Foundation: Dream Foundation, founded in Santa Barbara in 1994 by Thomas Rollerson, is the first national wish granting organization for adults suffering life-threatening illness. The mission of the Dream Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and their families who are battling life-threatening illness. Dream Foundation helps adults find peace and closure with the realization of a final wish.

This event works of 100% of volunteer behind-the-scene work and donations to maximize proceeds to the chosen charity.

Want to get involved? Yes! Here’s the nitty gritty information:

WHAT: Get Hitched Give Hope Gala & Auction (obviously you already know if you’ve read this far)

WHEN: The evening of October 27, 2011

WHERE: The fabulous Four Seasons Hotel Seattle (SO SWANKY!!)

WHO: Seattle’s hottest and most giving weddings pros and YOU! And me!!

WHY: To get gorgeous goods for your wedding while giving back.

HOW: Buy your tickets online at (today’s the last day!) You can also buy at the door


“I’m a Minimalist”
Gets you in the front door – $35.

“I’m a Groupie”
Gets you in the front door and you’ll have a fuzzy feeling for donating a smidge more – $50.

“I’m a Giver”
Gets you in the front door with a fabulous tote full to the brim with rad swag – $75.

“I’m a Saint”
Gets you in the front door with a fabulous tote full to the brim with rad swag and a really fuzzy feeling! – $125.

SOOOO you’re interested? Have I convinced you to not watch Grey’s Anatomy and come to the Four Seasons? Great! Can’t wait to see you there! Look forward to more information today and tomorrow about the event. I hope to see you all there all dressed up for a great cause.


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