Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book via 1956

Found this little gem in a used bookshop across the state. I have been obsessed with cooking recently and trying new recipes. I love old cookbooks because a lot of them have neat little home remedies and I’m just nostalgic.

We used to call it the “Bride’s Cake”…that ethereal structure of white tender cake all iced and decorated with snowy frosting. The dark fruitcake which maidens put under their pillows to dream on is traditional wedding cake. But nowadays its the Bride’s Cake that is the “Wedding Cake,” and the fruitcake is the “Grooms Cake.” It is sometimes given to guests in small white boxes to take home.

Decorate the cake: Pipe icing (delicately tinted, if desired) around base of each layer and elsewhere as desired. Little icing flowers and other decorations appropriate for a wedding cake are available in stores. A small vase, all iced, with a few perfect rosebuds in it, or a miniature bride and groom, may be placed on top of cake.

Serve the cake: The bride cuts the first piece and shares it with the groom. Then someone else cuts pieces for the guests. After the first few pieces are cut from the outer bottom layer so as not to destroy its appearance, the cake may be removed to the kitchen and the layers cut individually and served to the wedding guests.

Suggested wedding menus (again from 1956)
Wedding reception refreshments 1) fruit punch, dainty open-faced sandwiches, salted nuts, bride’s cake and grooms cake 2) chicken salad, tiny hot buttered rolls or finger sandwiches, coffee, bonbons

Wedding reception buffet: cold sliced roast turkey, beef, baked ham, dainty lettuce or watercress sandwiches, molded fruit or tomato aspic salad, bride and groom’s cake, fruit punch, pastel pints, coffee.


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