Ruan & Antoinet

I love this backyard garden wedding I found on The picture of the day #10 I found on Tumblr and, thankfully, it linked me back to the original post. The ceremony and reception were held in the mother-of-the-bride’s garden. This garden breathtakingly gorgeous and so are the bride and groom. Take a look for yourself and enjoy!

An update from 10 minutes ago when I first started looking at these pictures: This is my favorite wedding of 2011. Decided. They are just so madly in love.

I love the tree heart. I remember in fifth grade my friends and I carved our names into a tree; a few years later they cut the trees down. I’ve always thought carving your initials into a tree was romantic. I still haven’t convinced my boyfriend to do this.



The back of this dress:

They are so in love:

This is such a good picture to end on. Please visit the link above to see more awesomeness.


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