Real Wedding: Juliet & Andrew | French Laundry, Napa Valley

I was watching Forbes Luxe 11: Extravagant Meals on the Travel Channel and #2 on the list was a restaurant that my parents visited on their wedding anniversary. The French Laundry is tucked away in Yountville, California, north of San Francisco in Napa Valley. From the late 1880s to the early 1920s The French Laundry went from a saloon, to a brothel (after the prohibition) to a French steam laundry. In 1974 Don Schmitt, the mayor of Yountville and his wife bought the building to be used as a restaurant. Everyone in town had known it as the The French Laundry, so the name stayed the same.

So, that’s just the brief history of the building, visit the website to read more on how it came to be the famous restaurant it is today.

ANYWAY, back to wedding time. After watching the show I was inspired to find images of a wedding that took place at this famous location. And well, here we go:



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