Blood Diamonds Infographic

Adria from The Emerald Closet contacted me recently about an issue that she’s really passionate about. Blood diamonds. I’ve had a few of my friends ask me about how to make sure that their diamonds are or will be blood free. I didn’t have an answer for them. I feel like blood-free diamonds were “all the rage” back when the movie “Blood Diamond” came out in 2006; but now hype about this issue has subsided. Adria wrote to me:

I’m working on an initiative to raise awareness about the fact that blood diamonds are still an issue, unbeknownst to a lot of consumers. One relevant, timely example is the fact that Zimbabwe was recently readmitted into the Kimberley Process – an organization that sanctions a country and its mines as conflict free. However, the Marange mining fields in Zimbabwe are known to be funding corruption and violence – yet the Kimberley Process just let them back in!

My question for her was, “how can one make sure that their diamond will be conflict free?”

Her response,

“My advice would be always make sure the jeweler can tell you exactly where the diamond came from. Some have certifications I believe. Also, and if they say “Kimberley Process” certified, it’d be best to research the jeweler for reviews, since the Kimberley Process can’t always be trusted unfortunately. If they know which the specific mine, even better! Then you can research that mine and it’s practices.”

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