Local Groom-to-Be Uses Triple Door Marquee for Proposal on Union St.

This proposal story was sent to me by a friend (thanks Chelsea)! I love proposal stories and seeing how creative and personal the proposal unfolds. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did:


For 28 year-old Cody Sadler, his connections at the Triple Door offered him a unique opportunity to propose to his girlfriend of more than four years, Kendall Longacre. With permission from the Triple Door General Manager Jason Lock and the willingness of several valets, Cody went forward with his crafty plan.
The couple had arranged to attend a Matt Wertz concert that evening at 7pm. Upon their arrival, Cody was able to sneak himself and Kendall in a back way inside the parking garage to avoid the front of the theatre. Moments before the show the couple stood beneath the sign and asked a valet worker, who conveniently was standing outside, to snap a photo.  Jason was nearby filming the entire thing.

It wasn’t until Cody handed the camera to his girlfriend and she looked at the photo that she noticed the words in the marquee above them, reading: Kendall, will you marry me?

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