About me

I am a journalism graduate preparing and applying to enter the real world.

During my junior year of university I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain for three months and learned how to blog for the first time. But now that I am state side once again, my travel blog died.

I really wanted to blog about something that I loved. It wasn’t until I was lingering around the wedding magazine section that I realized I had found my new blog theme.

No, I am not married or engaged. I just really like weddings.

My goal is to inspire and create excitement for your wedding day.

Feel free to email me at: ireallylikweddings@gmail.com
Twitter: @ilikeweddings
Facebook page: http://tinyurl.com/3leamoo


When I search for wedding inspiration I use Twitter and mostly Tumblr. As a journalist and photographer I understand the importance of giving someone due credit. I try my best to find sources for the images I blog. So, if you see an image with no source I was unable to find whom to give credit. Vendors, if you see an image or post that is yours please email me and I will give proper credit.

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. This site is great, I currently have a boyfriend of 3years now but for a ling time before I did I would find myself obsessed with the wedding shows and bride magazines, I even did seminars for Bridal Consultants of America and worked at Davids Bridal for a little bit to learn more about them! I love your site because you make it clear its perfectly fine to have an interest in something like weddings, even if your not engaged! Keep the great posts!

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