Water for Elephants | Wedding Inspiration

I have yet again stumbled upon yet another new (to me) wedding blog. I found this gorgeous table setting in an Water for Elephants inspirational photoshoot. I love the accented shade of red and how the floral arrangements pop with color. This is how I imagine my wedding to be like. Again, adding this to my favorites list.


Real wedding | Tracy & Jim

Yes – you are seeing that correctly. She is wearing a purple wedding dress. I love the lace one-shoulder detail and her turquoise ring. But what I really like about this wedding are the little details. Take a gander:

Comment from original blogger: For $150, Tracy designed and printed their invitations and ceremony programs. The paper came from Kelly Paper and the printing was done at 1 Up Graphics. When in doubt, stack the type on your invitations to create a full-length conversation piece that also includes every bit of 411 needed for guests.

The bride and groom created this flowchart to show how each guest is connected to the couple. Clever, right?


5 new rules for color

As I go through and evaluate a folder I found of The Knot clippings I gathered a year ago, I found this editor’s letter of Carley Roney (The Knot editor in chief.)

She wrote:

1 no color clash

Gone are the days of separating black from navy and red from purple. We love mixing up alternative color couplings and even going tonal (blending varying shades of the same hue.)

2 not all makeup has to be neutral

Sure, you should look like yourself; but this is the one day when all eyes are on you – so make a statement! We’re not exactly recommending glitter. More like red lips or blue eyeshadow! Pick one feature and own it!

3 neon totally rocks

What was once reserved for ’80s costume legwear has now escalated intoa full-fledged fashion rend. Think lime green cake stands!

4 gray is the new black

This is the one time you can politely ignore advice from your elders- gray is anything but dreary. In fact it has turned into the “it” color of the year. (Think gray and yellow motifs)

5 a wild card is a must

Nothing stands out more than a singular pop of color. Consider a delicate, muted wedding palette – like champagne and ivory – throughout the decor, then wow the crowd by walking down the aisle with shocking pink peonies in hand.

Now I agree with everything except for part of number four. I agree that gray is the new black but I think the “it” color of the year has switched since the year I bought this magazine. From what I’ve seen in weddings this year, a garden green has been the “it” color of 2011. I’m not sure what the color of 2012 will be, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of black & white weddings mimicking Kim Kardashian’s.


Belle The Magazine tweeted today “There is something really magical about an all-white color palette.” And I have to second that statement. The photos posted along with the tweet are really quiet something. Nothing says bridal like an all-white wedding

Almost looks like an ultra-chic club

I’m obsessed with white peonies

Not quiet sure how I feel about those feathery lights installments (actually, I do know…I’m not too hot about them.) I would have replaced them with white twinkle lights, white hanging lanterns or clear/white chandeliers. But the cake and those white peonies…died and went to peonies heaven.


Color palettes 1

Found these under “design” on the website Pinterest. Hope these are helpful for those of you who are trying to decide a color scheme and which colors go well together