Water for Elephants | Wedding Inspiration

I have yet again stumbled upon yet another new (to me) wedding blog. I found this gorgeous table setting in an Water for Elephants inspirational photoshoot. I love the accented shade of red and how the floral arrangements pop with color. This is how I imagine my wedding to be like. Again, adding this to my favorites list.



I think there’s a preconceived notion that a wedding has to be matchy-matchy. Matching bridesmaid dresses, matching colors, flowers, blah blah blah. I like the idea of having a wedding feel natural. Of “Oh, hey! Let’s have a party” spontaneous looking (but obviously planned.) I would rather have fun mismatching chairs than hotel ballroom chairs with white slip covers and a decorative bow. That’s just my opinion.

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Flowers from Fatima


I think one of my favorite thing about weddings is seeing a couple work together to create their wedding day. I love the unique little details and seeing their personalities shine. Today after brunch I ran into a wedding party (on a Wednesday, I know, but it was probably really cheap) and saw the bride. She had a bouquet of pink calla lillys and feathers and a hair piece made out of the same flowers. I loved that she wasn’t afraid to boost up her bridal look with a vibrant color and some flare.

Fatima Spencer, owner of Flowers from Fatima, creates gorgeous floral hairpieces. Here’s a few of my favorites:

And this unique veil:

I remember when I was in my cousin’s wedding (I was as cute flower girl) when I was little she gave me a set of floral bobby pins to put in my hair. My mom made an appointment for me at our hair salon and my hairdresser braided my hair all fancy and placed the pins in my hair. I felt so special and have even kept the pins so maybe one day my future flower girl can wear them as well. I think Fatima’s floral hair pieces are a great extra something for a bride or her bridal party. As much as I love flowers I always hate how short of a lifespan they have once you cut them. But with these floral hairpieces, you can wear them more than once! Love.

A few words from Fatima

My business was the product of a childhood dream. When I was younger, I planted flowers throughout my neighborhood, alongside my mother, father, brothers, and sisters. Our goal was to transform our neighborhood into an absolute paradise and we did. I could not help but fall in love with these beautiful and delicate flowers. They say that flowers leave their perfume in the hands of those that touch them. I PLUCKED them and wore them in my hair, but no longer could their beauty be retained just the same. I sought new ways to carry the energy of Mother Nature and began to design silk flower accessories for my own wardrobe. It was thanks to my older brother who actually encouraged me to create a boutique to share my inspiration with others.

I am inspired daily by Mother Nature, herself. My pieces are more realistic in appearance. And so, I get ideas from simply observing the gifts of Nature

I asked, “what trends do you see with wedding head pieces?”

Wedding head pieces always seem to follow a classic trend, which is the traditional white silk flowers or headbands decorated with modest white flowers. This is a style that never fades. However, this past summer was such a surprise! (Summer weddings are always fun). Bright colors were DEFINITELY in and usually always are, during the summer. There were all types of styles being worn for summer weddings, ranging from bold sunflowers to chartreuse daffodils.

And my FAVORITE question: What do you really like about weddings
What’s not to enjoy when it comes to the ceremony of love? Weddings are a beautiful outward display of love. It feels good to witness such beauty. However, one other element of wedding that I TRULY like about weddings is the decor. Being a floral designer, I have such an eye for wedding designing and fashion. It’s what I do and I love it!


Please visit Fatima’s Etsy shop here to see more of her designs, she is a very talented young woman!

Cupcake bouquet

This looks so cute and delicious. Only thing I would fear with this cute bouquet would be getting frosting on the wedding dress, eating the cupcakes before the ceremony and the weight of the bouquet. Still, it’s cute anyway!