Bridal Braid

I was Tweeting with Mollie from @FranceLuxeHair about fishtail braids. I’ve attempted them a few times myself but let’s just say they weren’t the prettiest braids. I think the first time I learned how to braid was in third grade but even then I wasn’t good at it and I never really practiced. I LOVE the look of braids. It was when I was Tweeting with Mollie that I realized…I should probably blog about bridal braids. So I poked around the internet and here are some of my favorites:

And a video from The Beauty Department!


Real Wedding| Cami and Erik | AWESOME FIRST LOOK

The title pretty much says it all. This is the best first look ever. I love the groom’s emotion! I understand why couples and photographers choose to do the first look before the ceremony (so they have more time for pictures, posing and a more intimate. But I am just a traditional girl here. I love the idea of having the first look be when the bride walks down the aisle. LOVE LOVE LOVE:


Real Wedding | Love on a farm

I came across this first image on Tumblr (big surprise there) which lead me to (here comes another surprise) Ruffled! Here I’ve posted some of my favorite elements of the wedding, clink on the link below to see the orignal post and more pictures. My favorite part is the barn itself. When you go to Ruffled read the part about the couple’s time capsule!

Picture of the day 29

For some reason I just love pictures of buttons. I found this one particularly striking. I love the stark color of the white, the buttons, and the lace reminds me of the lace on my mother’s wedding dress.

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