Picture of the day 18

Mexico City destination wedding. This bride is gorgeous and I just adore her dress.



Guatemala, Antigua | Real Wedding

I came across these photos while stumbling around the internet one night. I hope you all enjoy it and become inspired by this location just like I did.

I don’t really know what to write about this because I am so awe-struck by the location. It’s weddings and photographs like this that make me really want to elope. You just can’t find buildings like this in the states!


Welcome to the Circus

All eyes on the center of the ring and look closely because this wedding is just dripping with cuteness and mustaches. I am not a big red, white and blue type person (I like the Fourth of July for the BBQs,) so I would have added a few other colors but it’s not my wedding. Love the pinwheels and mustaches and I hope they served BBQ-like food. What do you think?