Phones away please

I found this on the ‘ole Facebook. Brilliant idea. At the wedding I attended in Miami in January the bride had to sternly tell her guests to get out of the photographers way. People were all up in each others businesses trying to snap away pictures.

The wedding I attended a few days ago – something similar happened. The bride and groom were cutting the cake and they had a mob of friendly paparazzi surrounding them. I just wonder if the guests who were taking pictures were actually enjoying the moment. I’ve caught myself doing this a lot. I LOVE to take pictures but sometimes I gotta say to myself, “Hey, Lindsey, put your camera away and ENJOY the moment.”

Just remember this at the next wedding you’re at. You’re a guest, enjoy the party!

Real Wedding| Cami and Erik | AWESOME FIRST LOOK

The title pretty much says it all. This is the best first look ever. I love the groom’s emotion! I understand why couples and photographers choose to do the first look before the ceremony (so they have more time for pictures, posing and a more intimate. But I am just a traditional girl here. I love the idea of having the first look be when the bride walks down the aisle. LOVE LOVE LOVE: