Phones away please

I found this on the ‘ole Facebook. Brilliant idea. At the wedding I attended in Miami in January the bride had to sternly tell her guests to get out of the photographers way. People were all up in each others businesses trying to snap away pictures.

The wedding I attended a few days ago – something similar happened. The bride and groom were cutting the cake and they had a mob of friendly paparazzi surrounding them. I just wonder if the guests who were taking pictures were actually enjoying the moment. I’ve caught myself doing this a lot. I LOVE to take pictures but sometimes I gotta say to myself, “Hey, Lindsey, put your camera away and ENJOY the moment.”

Just remember this at the next wedding you’re at. You’re a guest, enjoy the party!

Blood Diamonds Infographic

Adria from The Emerald Closet contacted me recently about an issue that she’s really passionate about. Blood diamonds. I’ve had a few of my friends ask me about how to make sure that their diamonds are or will be blood free. I didn’t have an answer for them. I feel like blood-free diamonds were “all the rage” back when the movie “Blood Diamond” came out in 2006; but now hype about this issue has subsided. Adria wrote to me:

I’m working on an initiative to raise awareness about the fact that blood diamonds are still an issue, unbeknownst to a lot of consumers. One relevant, timely example is the fact that Zimbabwe was recently readmitted into the Kimberley Process – an organization that sanctions a country and its mines as conflict free. However, the Marange mining fields in Zimbabwe are known to be funding corruption and violence – yet the Kimberley Process just let them back in!

My question for her was, “how can one make sure that their diamond will be conflict free?”

Her response,

“My advice would be always make sure the jeweler can tell you exactly where the diamond came from. Some have certifications I believe. Also, and if they say “Kimberley Process” certified, it’d be best to research the jeweler for reviews, since the Kimberley Process can’t always be trusted unfortunately. If they know which the specific mine, even better! Then you can research that mine and it’s practices.”

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Not your average wedding

Tips from The Knot on how to WOW your guests and not become a cookie cutter wedding. Here are a few of my favorites:

Pre-ceremony cocktails:

Your guests won’t be expecting any drinks until the reception, so give them a pleasant surprise by setting up a table of light beverages on the way into the ceremony. Just don’t serve anything too strong — think: mimosas or fruit-infused iced teas they can sip before taking their seats (and don’t forget to have nonalcoholic versions too!). Have your caterer or ushers collect any stray glasses to make sure the space is tidy before the processional begins.

Unique escort cards:
Upgrade your escort cards to something worth keeping (or eating!). Try personalized cake pops with guests’ names and table numbers written on them in icing (or on a cute tag), or engraved martini glasses that double as favors.

To-go gifts:

Send guests home feeling taken care of by having your valets place small favors or end-of-the-night snacks in guests’ cars before handing over the keys. No valets? Set out baskets of the gifts — such as soft eye masks with notes that say “Sleep tight!” or even hangover kits — for guests to grab on their way out of the reception venue. If you’ve arranged bus or shuttle transportation, have a favor waiting on board for guests.

Knot Note: Hangover kits (if you’re sending guests home on a shuttle) should include Aspirin — not Tylenol — for safe headache-busting.

A Bubbly Bar:

Make toast time delicious by letting guests customize their champagne. Dishes full of fruit purees, lavender sprigs, citrus twists and flavored ice cubes that can be spooned into glasses of bubbly will make clinking that much more fun.

Unique guestbook:

Think beyond the typical guest book. One creative idea we love: Put out washable ink pads and have guests leave their thumbprint next to their note (don’t forget to provide washcloths too!) — this makes for super-personal art to hang in your new nest later. Or put out silver trays with engraving pens so guests can carve a lasting message on a useful keepsake for you.

Show stopping exit:

LOVE THIS! Jazz up your exit by passing out small bags of colorful confetti, paper airplanes, mini beach balls, or even lavender buds for everyone to toss your way. Even better: Stage your own mini parade by passing out noisemakers and asking your guests to escort you to your getaway car.

Awesome midnight snacks:

Just when everyone thinks the fun is winding down, liven up the party with late-night nibbles that will leave everyone ready for an after-party. Think about it: crinkle French fries, fresh chocolate chip cookies and milk shooters, a fully loaded taco bar, or even a waffle truck.

Click on the link above to see the full list from The Knot. Have you been to a wedding with any of these unique details? I love the bubbly bar and midnight snack idea!

5 new rules for color

As I go through and evaluate a folder I found of The Knot clippings I gathered a year ago, I found this editor’s letter of Carley Roney (The Knot editor in chief.)

She wrote:

1 no color clash

Gone are the days of separating black from navy and red from purple. We love mixing up alternative color couplings and even going tonal (blending varying shades of the same hue.)

2 not all makeup has to be neutral

Sure, you should look like yourself; but this is the one day when all eyes are on you – so make a statement! We’re not exactly recommending glitter. More like red lips or blue eyeshadow! Pick one feature and own it!

3 neon totally rocks

What was once reserved for ’80s costume legwear has now escalated intoa full-fledged fashion rend. Think lime green cake stands!

4 gray is the new black

This is the one time you can politely ignore advice from your elders- gray is anything but dreary. In fact it has turned into the “it” color of the year. (Think gray and yellow motifs)

5 a wild card is a must

Nothing stands out more than a singular pop of color. Consider a delicate, muted wedding palette – like champagne and ivory – throughout the decor, then wow the crowd by walking down the aisle with shocking pink peonies in hand.

Now I agree with everything except for part of number four. I agree that gray is the new black but I think the “it” color of the year has switched since the year I bought this magazine. From what I’ve seen in weddings this year, a garden green has been the “it” color of 2011. I’m not sure what the color of 2012 will be, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of black & white weddings mimicking Kim Kardashian’s.

Suggestion #2

Question How do I tell guests their children are not welcome at the reception?

Answer On the RSVP card write the following:

We have reserved __ seats in your name

Write in “2” meaning NO KIDS!

Ba-da bing ba-da boom. Problem solved

Suggestion #1

Don’t have a separate/secluded bride & groom table. I attended a wedding where the newlywed table was separate from the bridal party and in the middle of the dance floor. When the couple finally had a chance to sit and eat, they were constantly interrupted. Although it seems like a cute idea – keep my little story in mind.

For Example: